Circle Blvd is flexible and works in a lot of different situations. We've found that successful teams have a number of things in common, so here are some guidelines. Please follow them as you see fit.


Host regular meetings

We suggest that teams meet once per week. Recap what was accomplished since the last meeting, and share what you plan to accomplish before the next meeting.

Use and update Circle Blvd during this meeting, so everyone can stay on the same page.


Archive after meeting

We suggest keeping "done" tasks in the task list until you've had a chance to note the accomplishments with your team. This allows people to easily find the tasks they recently completed.

After you meet with your team, archive your completed tasks.


Communicate multiple ways

Circle Blvd is great for planning, but don't use it for everything.

Talk, email, use Slack, text, or whatever, and communicate how you see fit. Circle Blvd will be there when you need to plan again.


Use the apps (for small stuff)

The Circle Blvd apps – especially the one for iPhone – are good for quick status updates.


Lead your team

Most teams have a leader or two they rally around. Circle Blvd makes it easier for these leaders to take action, make decisions, and stay on top of things.

If that leader is you, don't expect your team to use Circle Blvd the same way as you do. You'll use it a lot more, and that's ok.