Circle Blvd is project management for local community organizers. It's for managing three things:

  1. Tasks: What is being done.
  2. People: Who is doing what.
  3. Deadlines: When things need to be done.

Everything in Circle Blvd makes it easier for your team to get on the same page regarding tasks, people, and deadlines.

Circle Blvd is for community organizers with a plan.

Right now, your team is busy working on what needs to be done.

Everything else? That's for a later time.

In between now and later, teams re-group and decide what to work on next, in the form of regular planning meetings.

Circle Blvd fits within this "work, plan, work" rhythm, helping your team stay flexible and effective over time.

Circle Blvd was created to meet the needs of the Corvallis Swing Dance Society, a successful volunteer organization in Oregon.

Nobody wants to use computers, and the organizers at Corvallis Swing are no different.

Circle Blvd is approachable.

The volunteers of Corvallis Swing work full-time jobs elsewhere, and they only have so much time they can offer to organizing events.

Their situation is not unique: In the United States, volunteers dedicate, on average, an hour of work each week.

Circle Blvd needs to be efficient, and capable of doing a lot in a short amount of time.

The schedules of Corvallis Swing volunteers are rarely fixed. The amount of time people can put in varies from week to week and month to month.

Circle Blvd is flexible, and makes it easy to rearrange plans as situations change.

Photo credit: Martin & Renee Norred

Small teams, big ideas

Circle Blvd is not only for volunteer organizations. It is great for all small teams – especially those with big ideas, those who need a plan.

In fact, Circle Blvd is the only project management site made exclusively for small teams.

Our competition makes well-regarded software for large enterprises – Fortune 500 companies. We're happy for them, but we need something that's the right size for small teams.

In addition to the Corvallis Swing Dance Society, our key development partners are:

Smith & Williamson LLC, an engineering firm specialized in developing custom prototypes for atmosphere and oceanographic exploration.

The Oregon State University Advantage Accelerator, a business development organization with a focus on startups and early-stage companies.

We work closely with these partners, to stay in touch with our small-team roots.

Welcome to Circle Blvd, project management for small teams.