At the heart of Circle Blvd is a shared task list.

This list helps your team remember what the group is doing, who is doing what, and when tasks need to be completed. All the changes made to the list are synced through the internet, so everyone on the team sees the same thing.

We suggest that everyone on your team read this part of the tour, or that its concepts are explained in a coversation.

What do we need to do right now?

Next planning meeting

Everything else

Highest priority tasks at the top

In Circle Blvd, the tasks at the top are what your team is currently working on. Typically, these tasks are expected to be finished within a week.

The next planning meeting

Every project has this special milestone. Use it as a cut line for what your team is doing and not doing before your next planning meeting.

All other tasks below

Keep all other tasks here. Have an idea? Add it to the list, and talk about it later with your team.

Mileposts: Dates & deadlines

Use “mileposts” to keep track of deadlines, dates, and events.

If a task needs to be done before a particular date: Add a milepost to your list, put the date in the milepost's summary, and move the task above it.

Filters: Finding tasks you care about

Clicking on a task's owner name will filter your list, showing only tasks owned by that person. Use the icon to show only your tasks.

By the way, you can assign tasks to anyone, including people without Circle Blvd accounts, and filter on those owners as well.