Tips: How to be the fastest

Keyboard shortcuts, when highlighting tasks

Mark as doneD
Mark as "on it"O
Mark as "will do"W
Clear task statusN
Take ownershipT
Insert task at this pointI+

Copy and paste tasks within Circle Blvd.

Cut tasksCmd-X (or Ctrl-X)
Paste tasksCmd-V (or Ctrl-V)
Copy tasksCmd-C (or Ctrl-C)
Clear selectionEsc

Highlight multiple tasks at once

With keyboardHold Shift, use arrow keys
With mouseClick. Hold Shift, click.


Change your selection with the arrow keys.

Shortcuts when adding tasks

For example, entering "Do the thing @@" will assign the task to you.

ActionEnd line with
Assign task to you@@
Assign to "Name"@Name
Mark task as "will do"!
Mark task as done!!
Assign to you and mark as done@@!!

Make mileposts without switching entry tabs by starting the line with two minus signs, i.e. "-- An upcoming milepost".

ActionStart line with
Create a milepost-- (two minus signs)

To see these entry shortcuts in action, please view the video below.