As an organizer, Circle Blvd has a lot for you.

Most of your time on Circle Blvd will be spent moving, adding, and updating tasks. This series of videos outlines how we help with those activities.

We'll start with this simple, 15-second video on moving tasks:

Adding all the tasks

As an organizer, you'll probably be entering in a lot of tasks on your team's behalf, so we've made this easier for you. There are a few entry shortcuts, so you can create and assign tasks in one line.

Not shown in the video below, you can add a milepost quickly by starting the entry line with two dashes, like so --Milepost.

Roadmap: Long-term planning

With the view, you can move tasks great distances within your list very quickly, saving a lot of time when prioritizing tasks.

Saving time with shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts to do most things. A full list is on the tips page. You can get there by clicking the lightning bolt in the top menu.