About Circle Blvd.

Circle Blvd was created by in partnership with the Corvallis Swing Dance Society, for use as a planning tool by its board of directors. It's a task list to help you manage assignments, plan out the next few months, and track agenda items as they come up.

Circle Blvd is primarily a website meant for use on a laptop or PC. We also have a decent iPhone app, for checking in on your project when you're on the go.

About the Holmwell Foundation

Circle Blvd is a product of the Holmwell Foundation in Olympia, Washington. Holmwell is dedicated to helping communities organize, and is a founding partner of the Morning Shift Coalition and Code Corvallis.


A large thank you goes to Oregon's Self Employment Assistance Program and the Corvallis Swing Dance Society.

Circle Blvd's engineering work owes much to many people, including those behind Apache CouchDB, Node.js, Bootstrap, and AngularJS.

This project would not be possible without the support of family and friends.

Thank you.